Manager, IT Operations

2007 - 2015

Developed Reporting & KPIs
As part of operation standards, I was accountable for producing the following KPI reports:

  • Critical server uptime (99.95%)
  • Network uptime (99.5%)
  • PABX Uptime (95%)
  • MPLS Uptime (100%)

Financial Reports were also my responsibility, to ensure that Budget vs Capex were forecasted and quarterly reports were submitted to finance on time.

Operationalized a vendor management strategy
Several of our critical IT services were outsourced to the professional expertise of third party vendors, and their contracts and service levels had to be managed and negotiated. I dealt directly with multiple vendors and trained my team to deal with them for operational matters as well. The critical services of the business was well protected by keeping these vendors on their toes as making them understand our business was key to providing service.

Created Standard Operating Policies & Procedures
When International SOS decided to achieve ISO 9001 certification, IT Services were required to document all policies and procedures and create processes that served as “proof of service”. The annual Assistance Center Operations Audit also required all IT processes to be documented. The management entrusted this responsibility to me, and we achieved +95% compliance in all our annual audits.

Continuous Service Improvement
While we were bound to corporate standards on critical infrastructure, we had the flexibility to innovate on other areas that we found problematic. I came up with ideas to improve or end user backup strategy, reduce printing costs, streamline our capex and budgeting process by building a customize DB application in Access, migrated to IP telephony, and various other initiatives that saved time or money.

Presented business cases for strategic investments
I created business case studies and return on investment calculations when we migrated to a virtual environment. By analyzing the future needs and projects that were going to be pushed down to our local office, I anticipated costs related to hardware and maintenance, and discovered that switching to a virtual server environment would provide a ROI in 12 months, which was more than acceptable to the management considering the lifespan of the projects were 5-10 years.

Monitored infrastructure change and capacity
Change management was handled by a central CAB that approved changes as needed. Although we ensured our infrastructure was setup with event and monitoring alerts, at critical times when surge in demand unexpectedly occurred, with the help of my director we managed to expedite emergency change requests by articulating the urgency of the change needed to ensure continued service to the business. 

Simulated disaster recovery & BCP exercises
With International SOS charging a premium price to it’s customers for 24×7 availability, business continuity plans and disaster recovery were audit requirements and a must have for any branch hosting an assistance center. The company invested in a mirrored site complete with duplicate infrastructure and staffing capacity of up to 20 people. We conducted DR tests twice a year at 2AM to ensure our operational redundancy was effective and smooth. When disasters did occur, we mobilized our operations very effectively and smoothly.

Maintained inventory of assets
The finance department held me accontable for ensuring that IT maintained an inventory of all asset, along with their costs and depreciated value. I created and trained my team on how to maintain a central and protected excel sheet with everything from Laptops to Servers to Software Licenses. The sheet allowed us to easily create reports for finance and track ownership very fluidly.

Conducted Staff Hiring
As a manager, I feel one of the most important responsibilities is hiring the right people to do the right job. I have focused on hiring people who are smarter than me and are able to strengthen my weaknesses so we have holistic talent in the team. While I’ve worked with recruiters, I have also sourced candidates from LinkedIn myself and introduced them to our recruiting process.