Senior Manager, Reporting and Analytics

2015 - Present

Produce Weekly and Monthly Reports
Create divisional and departmental objectives reports that has visibility to executive leadership at Rogers for IT and Network teams. Reports are generated automatically with minimal manual intervention. Reports are delivered 100% on-time every week with no delays.

Provide Insights and Analytics to Teams
Analyze volumes of data with BI tools to assess trends in incident, problem and change management. Alerting and monitoring data are categorized by severity and type to proactively track incidents before they occur. Network machine data is monitored proactively for peaks and dips in KPIs.

Implement Process Improvement Initiatives
Collaborate with internal and external teams to find inefficiencies in data gathering processes and work persistently to fixed data gaps. Investment requirements are carefully analyzed with thorough business case and return on investment before presenting to senior management for budget approval.

Lead, Coach and Develop Analysts and Reporting Specialists
Committed to weekly and bi-weekly one-on-ones with my individual team members, we focus our discussion on career development, current challenges and status updates on upcoming deadlines. I never micromanage. I believe is encouraging accountability by coaching my team to actions and meeting their annual objectives.

Develop Dashboards and KPI Designs
By working with team managers and our internal reporting team, we discuss objectives and team goals with a customer focused mindset, to deliver reports and dashboards that drive behavioural change. We design datasets and mockup visuals and handover to our vendor to design. We hold accountability and expertise on our designs, not our vendor. We foster buy-in from our customers on everything we develop and have successfully reduced reporting headcount from other teams.